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Leaping Dancer

Tuning the body

Explore the secrets of music with all your senses.

Experience the balance between your body, soul and mind.

We offer:

  • 60 min Eurhythmics session 

  • we meet once or twice a week ( Wednesday / Friday )

  • students will have an opportunity to cooperate with other art groups in Moray and perform on the big stage with local artists.

  • maximum capacity 30 people

  • if paid by students  each session is £4 per person paid in blocks of 4 or 8 sessions per month. 

  • if paid by schools - £55 per hour , or £40 /45 min  ( includes preparation )

  • the whole course is provided during every school term as a continues program.  


Experience the freedom and the joy of musical training using whole body movement.

Discover beauty of music and engage the whole body in the process of musical perception, learning, creativity and expression. Enjoy reaching balance between your body and mind.

Once weekly Adults only

60 minute session

Maximum group of 12

£6 per person

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