Why music is so important in our life?



Passion & Creation is our motto

What we want for you to achieve?

Better self-development, evolving the concentration, awake sensitivity to the beauty of the surrounding world, better self-esteem, personal culture, manners, develop inner musical sense, develop sense of body, better performance in any area of life.

Find the the balance between your body, soul and mind.

In our program we introduce:

elements of Dalcroze Eurhythmics, (music and rhythm body movement activities )

elements of ballet,


elements of drama,

dance and movement technique and corrective exercises.

theory of music in practice

history of music

musical forms

musical improvisation

Musical education in schools as a program of self-development of an individual, preventing aggression and violence.

To all the parents and family of all the students for supporting them on their musical journey.

Your encouragement and investment in their ability is extremely valuable.

I look forward to carrying on teaching them.

Magdalena Wellenger



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